ultrasound technician
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How to Become an Ultrasound Technician in Washington State

Ultrasound technicians are highly qualified healthcare professionals who use specialized equipment to create images of the body’s internal organs and structures. Ultrasound technicians work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, medical clinics, diagnostic imaging centers, and private physician offices. In Washington State, an ultrasound technician must first complete an educational program and pass a national certification exam before being eligible for licensure.

Education Requirements

The most common route to becoming an ultrasound technician in Washington State is to complete a two-year associate’s degree program in diagnostic medical sonography. These programs are available at several accredited colleges and universities in the state, and include courses in anatomy, medical terminology, patient care, and physics. Students must also complete a clinical practicum in order to graduate.

Certification Requirements

Once a person has completed an accredited educational program, they must then obtain certification from the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS). In order to be eligible for certification, the applicant must pass a national certification exam. The exam consists of two parts: one in anatomy and physiology, and one in physics. The certification is valid for three years and must be renewed every three years.

Licensure Requirements

In order to be eligible for licensure in Washington State, an ultrasound technician must be certified by ARDMS and have successfully completed an accredited educational program. The ultrasound technician must then apply for licensure with the Washington Department of Health. The application must include proof of certification, a copy of the diploma or transcript from the educational program, and a valid photo ID. The applicant must also pass a criminal background check.

Employment Opportunities

Ultrasound technicians in Washington State have a variety of employment opportunities. Many work in hospitals and medical clinics, while others work in private physician offices or diagnostic imaging centers. Ultrasound technicians may also be employed by imaging equipment manufacturers. The median salary for ultrasound technicians in Washington State is $68,000 per year.


Becoming an ultrasound technician in Washington State requires completing an accredited educational program, obtaining certification from ARDMS, and obtaining licensure from the Washington Department of Health. With the right education and training, ultrasound technicians in Washington State can find a variety of employment opportunities with competitive salaries.