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What is VIN Decoder

In various auto repair shops, craftsmen assemble a vehicle from several faulty copies. It happens that after giving the car an external shine, the sample is sent for sale with fictitiously improved technical characteristics or, in general, as a new “iron horse”. To check the history of a specific car, it is convenient to use a VIN decoder and a special decryption program.

What is a VIN decoder and how does it work?

Firstly, it is worth saying what a VIN number is. This is a 17-character string of numeric and alphabetic characters containing detailed information about the vehicle. Each vehicle sample has a unique encoding that does not match any other sequence on other vehicles.

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This VIN code is accepted in almost all countries of the world. A special program of VIN lookup makes it possible to quickly decipher information, thanks to which the history of the car becomes absolutely transparent and the buyer makes a decision on the advisability of purchasing the equipment.

Each character of the VIN code, or their sequence, carries certain information. Using this code it is easy to find out:

  • model of transport, place of production;
  • unique identification number;
  • year of issue;
  • engine type and modification;
  • equipment safety level. This is a very important indicator
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By comparing information from the code with a real car, it is possible to identify replaced parts, and based on this, a conclusion is drawn about the degree of operation of the car. Special decryption Internet resources help make it easier to decipher the VIN code. Such sites have a huge database containing notes on repairs, maintenance, number of resales and vehicle odometer readings. Therefore, working with the VIN code makes any transaction involving a car transparent, relieving the buyer of unreasonable risks when purchasing equipment.