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How Do You Feel About WoW Boosting?

If you look at any discussions of boosting, most often the participants in the discussions condemn this phenomenon. What to do about the fact that this has been a fairly common occurrence for many years, but now people find it particularly unpleasant? It’s a pretty complicated question.

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Over the years, two big changes have occurred in the design of the MMO:

  1. First, it is the development of business models. While buying a place in a raid back in 2005 was quite rare and not very convenient, this purchase also meant that you had to somehow earn all the gold with which you paid for the service. And buying an M+ boost now can be as easy as taking out a credit card and buying a WoW token through a legal channel.
  2. Second, over the years, our favourite WoW has “grown heavier”. What is it about? The fact that a large number of difficulty levels appeared in the game and strong competition for equipment was formed, in addition, dungeon runs and raids were put on rating rails. And at a certain point, many began to realize that the game actively encourages spending money and just buying races: either because of the inflated complexity, or because of the inflated time consumption of these races.

In addition, the responsible persons (developers, game managers) seem either completely indifferent, or even actively involved in the system. After all, it’s not good at all when players do something that leaves an unpleasant after-taste for others, and responsible people say that all this “sounds great”, after all.

From the point of view of the rules, boosting can be described as exceptions that have become rules. Still, the same can be said about multiple dungeon sweeps – friends can just help. But the help of friends is not systematic, it is exceptional.

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This difference is usually the justification for the assessment. If a certain phenomenon is exceptional, it conditionally corresponds to the norms of the game and the norms of morality. If the same phenomenon turns into a system, in addition to being commercialized, the majority begins to call this phenomenon immoral, not conforming to the norms of the game.

In general, it’s up to you to decide how to treat boosting. You can purchase the service: